Things To Do

Before we head off to the Grand Canyon:

For the Camper:

  • DONE! - Get some solar panels to experiment with. - ($149 with coupon!)
  • DONE! - Pull extraneous stuff from the camper that we haven't used in two years, including all the cool stuff that I thought we would need.... but have never really ever used...
  • DONE! - New vinyl flooring
  • DONE! - Paint interior
  • DONE! - Mount the LED lighting in the Camper. Also need to mount these on either side of the door somewhere.
  • DONE! - Mount two dual USB outlets by the rear bed, I plan on using something like this little dude. Might make one of them like this one so the LED display can double as a night light, and charge my MacBook too! Note: also added two 12v plugs for the TV and Coffee maker under the Galley!
  • DONE! - Add anti fatigue mats under beds
  • DONE! - Pull bunk mattresses and replace with Memory Foam
  • DONE! - Flush fresh water tank 
  • DONE! - Make pillow cases and stuff sacks for the kids camper pillows
  • In Progress - Make new "curtains" 
  • In Progress - Re-cover the cushions for the seats and seat backs.
  • Mount a cutoff switch onto the battery box.
  • Mount a permanent weather proof SAE connector on the battery box for connecting the solar panel.
  • Mount the Solar Charger Regulator in the camper.
  • Install the new pump.
  • LED Backup Lights

For the RTT:

For the Tow Vehicle: